Improving your circulation and keeping your body hydrated by drinking water throughout the day will help reduce the appearance of dark circles under your eyes. Solving the problem this way, through a healthy practice, will produce longer-lasting results than trying to.


 They had pistols in side-holsters – some had automatics but mostly older revolvers -with a belt full of bullets, or speed-loaders clipped to their sides. Some had a secondary handgun in their belt or in a shoulder-holster. Most had pump-action Remington shotguns, which they carried over one shoulder, with a bandolier of cartridges slung around their body. They usually had a large knife strapped to their leg, and occasionally a machete on another belt, hanging low. That was the weaponry on show; there would also have been the reserves under cover: small pistols in ankle-holsters, flick-knives, butterfly knives, razors, brass knuckles, saps, telescopic metal security clubs. When a troop of guards came towards us, we moved to one side. Just as the Roman citizens had done 2,000 years before when the Praetorian stared a citizen in the eye and strode towards him, hand on gladius. Nothing changes in man’s dominance of man. During the afternoon and evening we were in the Ermita bar area, there were two stabbings – casual affairs where the heat of the argument led one of the protagonists to abandon the power of discourse and reach for his butterfly knife. We actually saw the first one, but I didn’t realise it was happening until I was told about it afterwards.

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