Drink More Water For Lose Weight

You need water to live; over 50% of your body mass is made up of water. That means that water is the most important substance in our bodies. Among others, vital functions water facilitates digestion, removes waste and toxins, and regulates body temperature. Also, drinking enough water allows the liver to break down fat more efficiently.

37% of Americans often mistake thirst for hunger. This data means that they are eating instead of drinking when they are thirsty. Too much high-in-fat and high-in-sugar foods in menu provoke weakness of thirst sensitivity.

75% of Americans are dehydrated chronically; so it is a good idea to drink water regularly throughout the day. Start a new day with drinking water as soon as you wake, and end just before sleep. In the morning water increases your metabolism and in the evening drinking water decreases your hunger pangs.

There is no substitute for water, so you should drink water all the time. As a fitness enthusiast, you will need to drink even more water to replace fluids lost through transudation. Also, you need additional water to compensate for heat, alcohol, and caffeinated beverages.

So, how much water should you drink daily? Well, it depends; there is a valid test though. Keep an eye on the color of your urine and continue consuming water until your urine is clear or light yellow.

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