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Sometimes it is very difficult to drink medicine. The first rule is to give the child medication as though it was something that should be taken.

If you try to explain why you should buy a sad face, you will understand that the drug is something you can not love. Speaking of something else when you give the drug spoon to the child’s mouth.

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Most young children will automatically open their mouths.
Drug-resistant drugs such as aspirin and sulphamide tablets should be powdered and mixed with delicious food such as apple juice. Because all of them do not want to eat, we only go to a scarf of apple puff.

Pain tablets can also be given by mixing a teaspoon of sugar water, honey or jam.
It is difficult for a young child to swallow an unmelted tablet or a capsule. Try to put things like this in a soft, sticky thing like banana and then give them water immediately.

Do not give your child medication without doctor’s advice, and do not continue.
After treating the head or stomach aches and pains a few times on their own, the mother begins to think that she is a master in these tasks. Two different head or stomach aches may look the same. For the doctor, both are quite different things and the treatments are quite different.

Some of these medicines can cause reactions in some people, such as kidney bleeding, leukocytosis, anemia, anemia, and high fever. These reactions are rare, but always occur when the medication is irregular. This means that they should only be used with a doctor’s recommendation. Even then, you should pay attention to the presence of blood in the urine and observe whether the amount of urine increases or not. Blood counts should be done regularly.

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