Dust Free Coming Up Roses Huerth, Germany

After performing on TV network RTL's end-of-year review show, a beaming Adele received a bouquet of flowers. (Perhaps she was also happy about being the first artist to sell more than 1 million albums two weeks in a row. )


Aussie songstress Kylie Minogue, who just released her first holiday album, Kylie Christmas, visited Madame Tussauds, where her wax figure takes center stage in a seasonal display.


Kylie Jenner finished her uncommonly understated look natural makeup, black-on-black outfit and fresh sneaks with an Express Edition Collection blazer.

They would set off ashore when the sun went down, clustered together in a noisy bunch, clattering down the gangway in good spirits, the earliest returning from midnight onwards. The midnight returns were classic Jolly-Jack-ashore scenarios: singing, weaving from side-to-side, sometimes slightly bloodied, broke, happy. At the top of the gangway they would shout greetings to the deck watch, throw their arms around each other, sing louder, urinate over the side, fall down, vomit.

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It was all very entertaining for those of us finishing the eight-to-twelve watch. Those who returned the next morning, alone or in ones and twos, presented an altogether different picture: they looked dreadful, like zombies. There was no noise, no jollity, no trace of merriment. One foot was slowly and painfully planted in front of the other while looking straight ahead, clothes torn, blotches of blood, patches of vomit, terrible deathlike faces. Sometimes a woman would be in tow, usually an awful creature in the same state as the sailor who had brought her back: she had to be turned back at the gangway by the duty cadet, to her crushing dismay and to the sailor’s utter indifference. One of the memorable highlights of the West African trip was the loud thump as McAllister fell off the wagon. He was a midnight returnee in Cotonou: he crawled up the gangway on all fours, muttering and swearing to himself, after ostensibly having gone ashore for a ‘breath of fresh air’ in the late afternoon at the end of his twelve-to-four watch.

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