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Welcome to my blog, I’m here. And this is my daughter Gracie everyone if you’re new to our blog we would love for you to comment this blog is all about learning new.

And different hairstyles today, I’m going to show you how to do a Dutch crown braid. So let’s get started okay. I’m going to start off by the left side behind your ear, I’m just going to grab a slice.

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I’m going to take three strands, I’m going to go take the right strand under the middle grabbing a section from the right. And joining it in with this strand here now the left strand under the middle when, I grab a little piece. And join it to that strand here.

And, I’m going to do a another stitch. And join on to the side bring that into the middle grab a slice this is all repetitive going all the way around not adding a lot over here on this side the reason why, I’m starting from behind your ear is so that when it goes all the way around it won’t be you won’t notice the connection you want to just take a little bit before go any further, I’m going to just pull some of this out just to give that extra volume of hair.

And thickness you you won’t leave some of this hair down. So that has enough to go around when you’re going around make sure you go close to the nape area right around here okay okay. So now, I’m at the end where, I have no more hair to add.

I’m just going to go ahead. And finish it off making sure that when you’re finishing your braid off make sure that it’s close to the head. And tight to the head, I’m going to secure this off with an elastic band okay.

I’m going to wrap your hair all around the tail of this braid, I’m going to try to tuck it under, I’ll just bring it over. And then tuck it under like this. And use some bobby pins secure that in place, I’m going to pull the sides out a little bit just.

So that gives it some volume. And thickness to the bridge okay. So my fellow hairspray sure all the flyaways are down.

And secure around the braid okay. And there you have your Dutch crown braid thanks for reading we love to hear from you in the comments below about this style don’t forget to check out our latest tutorial right here please give us a thumbs up. And comment to link below we love you guys.

And until next time learn it do it. And teach it to us is fine eyes okay. So we’re getting ready to go to bed.

And, I’m taking the braids out of her hair. And I’ve combed it down, I’m just going to do a very loose braid in the back behind her head tie it off. And that’s it when she goes.

And lays down on her pillow she just puts her hair up above her head. And she just fall asleep like that. And when she wakes up it’s not as tangled.

And messy, I hope this answers some questions. And we’ll see you next time bye guys you.

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