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Hey guys, I’m going to show you how to do this half up half down hairstyle bus perfect for spring this braid is very similar to the Infinity ponytail that I did a while back and you can watch that tutorial there the only difference is that this is a Dutch braid version. So, if you want to learn how to do this then keep on reading first off pick up some hair at the very top of your head and divide it into two equal sections for this tutorial. I’m going to label the strands a and B and keep in mind that these strands never move hold the two sections of hair in one of your hands and keep them separated with your index finger then with your other hand you want to pick up a section of hair which. I’m going to call strand C and we’re going to put it under fee and over strand a sense strand C is keeping a and B separated you can actually hold a and B in your hands without getting them mixed step just like a Dutch braid your going to pick up some hair and incorporate it into the existing braid. So pick up some hair add it to strand C then you want to look for strand a and B again and you’re going to leave it under and over.

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So now strong C should be back on the right side from here you just repeat the same steps. So pick up some hair add it to strand C separate strand a and B again and weave strand C going under and over now back on the left side pick up some hair add it to strand C then weave it under a and over B alright. So I’m going to walk you through this one more time and after that. I’m going to speed up this tutorial pick up some hair on the right add it to a strand C then weave it under strand B and over strand a then pick up some hair on the left side add it to strand C and weave it under a and over B now if you’re doing this hairstyle on someone else then it’s going to be really easy. But if it’s your first time trying it out on yourself like this, then be patient. Because braiding your hair without actually seeing which are doing takes practice. So, if you don’t get it right the first time then just keep on trying I forgot to mention that as you weave your hair you want to make sure that the Infinity braid is nice and tight and every now and then you want to push it up.

So that it bunches up together you can actually work this break down to the nape of your neck. But since this is a half up half down hairstyle. I’m going to end it right here and tie it off with an elastic band once that’s done tighten your braids and use a fine-tooth comb to fix your hair and smooth out flyaways the next step is to define the Infinity braid use your index finger and your thumb to gently tug on each section of the braid. So that they’re nice and voluminous at the end I wanted my braid to look a little bit longer. So I spread it apart and this was the result. So I hope you guys enjoy the tutorial, if you did don’t forget to like this, post and in the comments below let me know, if you would ever give it a try also, if you have Instagram and Twitter don’t forget to hashtag your picture. So that I can check them out thanks so much for reading.

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