Flexible, easy, and ever-changing that’s the essence of modern beauty style. Doing the exact same makeup, skin-care routine, or hairstyle every day regardless of the season or occasion is not only boring, but it cannot possibly be the most beneficial course of action all of the time. It is much better to take a dynamic approach to beauty. Think of change not as a burden but as an opportunity to energize, be creative, and have fun with your looks.


I confess that when I look in the mirror, I can’t help but wonder if the high school or college beautiful people I once knew now look like me? Are their chin lines still square and firm? Are there wrinkles? Hair? And are the muscles that gave arms, legs, and torsos some definition now non- existent? Go to a 50th reunion and the answer will be obvious. When we look at ourselves in the morning I believe most of us wonder who that person staring back at us actually is, and where did he or she come from? My wife has the best line. From time to time, she stands before the mirror, looks at herself, and says, Who is that bitch wearing my clothes? Like many women, she seems to prefer standing before a mirror in the dark and covering her face with her hands. I do not know why; she is gorgeous. When staring back at the man looking back at me, I can only speak for myself and maybe some men in general, but there are a few things that jump out at me: My hair! Where the hell did that go? Why can’t I be one of those guys who still have a full head of hair? What did they do to deserve that? Is it just genetic? Thanks, Mom Or is it simply proof that an overabundance of testosterone has fled this aging body? Just so you know, some of us guys do worry a lot about receding hairlines. Which has led to a couple of limp and overused explanations. No grass grows on a busy street. My head is a solar panel for a sex machine. Hah! The wife will get a good laugh, or cry, over that one. Before we get off the subject of hair, there is a point that must be made about the comb over.

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