I realized, I follow you saw them foolish me and your BS weeded invite me to give me a hard trip with food hey guys look at this Alexi hair blog my name is Alex and today to show you how to create a really easy romantic updo, I upload love how this hairstyle is so soft and elegant all being really easy to do, I think it’s perfect for any special occasion especially if you have a last-minute invite you can quickly do this and look really chic and put together for this hairstyle all you need is a one clear hair elastic and like any good up to a bunch of bobby pins now the statement of this hairstyle is that big full bun on the back and, I was a good say that it was all my hair that created that thickness but, I definitely at the help of my Alexi hair Clinton, I wear this gorgeous color in a salon because, I already have the length that you need for the Terre style it’s just going to help add some extra statement. So, I like to put my two forks with wes together and then you can request together really easy to do all you do is you take the one and you clip it directly below in the band of the other one is just going to create like one super Western that way, I don’t have to clip as many into my hair makeup for this hairstyle, I like to section the hair up just below my ears and this is where I’m going to place my three Clips West, I like to my clips in little circular motions just to help grab on to additional hair and then end again clipping me from the outside and then, I clip my middle clip just to ensure that it will fit and then my next section that this one is just above my ears that way there’s enough room for my fourth with left and same thing, I just mimic clips in little circular motions and then, I clip from the outside and then the middle clip now this next part is completely optional, I usually opt end this but when you want your hair to here a little bit more fancier and, I do suggest teasing gently the crown of your hair.


So what I’m going to do is describe small horizontal sections and I’m just going to choose downwards just to help create some added volume and lift for this hairstyle alright and then what you want to do is simply smooth it out just written like we did just choose her hair and need to talk natural volume right there now before we start about I’m just going to go ahead and grab some size pieces here just to leave them down for now you can add some twisted detailing at the end now for that chunky braided bun you want to gather all the rest of your hair and create three equal sections with those sections you just want to create a standard three strand braid. So just copy my outside sections over the middle ones and I’m just going to repeat this all the way to the end keep the braid a little loose near the top and then tighten it up as you near the bottom secure it off and on that last loop instead of pulling your hair all the way through only pull it halfway to create a little bun on the end this will make rolling. So much easier now to help add a little more volume back into this hairstyle and just going to anchor it mid threes with mine in one hand and then I’m going to gently held upwards on small sections of hair around my crown to give it a more full appearance okay the best part grab the bottom of your braid tuck it in and begin rolling the braid upwards nice and tight until you reach in your head.

So securely hold the braid against your head and then begin Bobby pinning it my tip for this is to grab less hair with your bobby pins and use more of them first is trying to grab too much hair and then they just end up slipping out throughout the night, I like to go in and size of my braids and then of course don’t forget the pan at the top don’t worry if your bobby pins show because we’re going to hype them later on now I’ll take this cute little bun. So let’s make it extra special grab a section of the outside of your braid and you just want to gently tug on it and then secure the ends of the braid to your head with a bobby pin you can see how it creates that fuller appearance and kind of completes the whole look. So you want to repeat the same thing on the right side grabbing a section of your braid tajen on it and then pinning the edge to your head and then you’ll want to do the same thing on the top grabbing a section of your braid and again and keep going on it to make it bigger and then, I slid my finger underneath and through the section give it a little bit of lift to hide those bobby pins from earlier and then.

I’ve pinned it on both sides to my head. So that it felt nice and secure another thing you’re like to do front pieces and what you want to do is really softly twist them away from your face you can also do braids as well, I think that would look really pretty next use want to tightly wrap this around your bun not only is going to hide the bobby pin that’s also going to add a really pretty detail this want to pin to the end view the underside of the Sun when you’re done and then pick up any stray hairs around your net while you’re there and then once you click with the other section just tightly pull it over the top of the bun and later cross our previous twist and then pin the ends to the underside of the bun. So you can definitely leave it like this but I’m just going to go in with a small curling wand and just curl the little side pieces away from my face and then there you have it a really easy romantic.

So they have you guys that can you create some easy romantic handsome, I did what how is off your face it shows up your neck, I think that it is so beautiful the tears that will be perfect for prom a wedding and of course Valentine’s Day absolutely love to see your recreation. So it.

So get the hashtag let’s see hair. So that, I can see them definitely comment as well and let me know if you guys spot and if you like the post don’t get to give it a thumbs up but my thank you guys. So much for reading and I’ll talk to you guys soon bye.

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