The Easiest Waterfall Braid Perfect Beach Curls

Today I’m showing you how to do this really easy waterfall braid I mean really anybody can do it and I’m also going to show you how to get these amazing beachy curls which I think are like the perfect beachy curl so let’s go ahead and get started I’m going to be moisturizing and protecting my hair from the heat with the nume white truffle oil hair primer which is from their white truffle oil line and I’m just going to put a couple of pumps into my hand and then rub my hands together to disperse the product between my two hands and then I’m just using my hands to run the product through my hair and you can see that it’s adding a lot of shine and moisture without weighing my hair down it also smells amazing so that’s a plus and once I do this I’m also going to brush through just to make sure that the product is evenly dispersed for my curling iron I’m going to be using the lustrum set from nuit which has five different attachments that you can use to create any kind of curl you could possibly want.

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But I’m going to be using the Pearl attachment which really does a good job of getting these nice defined but still kind of messy beachy curls if you want something a little softer you could try their one and a quarter inch attachment from the same set or for kind of a wave curl hybrid you could always try the one inch attachment and of course make sure to grab the glove that comes with it to keep your hand safe from the heat pop your barrel of choice in and let’s get started as always I’m beginning by sectioning from just under my ears up and clipping my hair out of the way and then I’m going to take a one inch section and begin by curling back now you’re going to see that at the top of the curling iron I’m kind of wrapping.

My hair over the bubbles whereas at the bottom I kind of wrap the hair in between the bubbles wrapping the hair over the bubbles is going to get you a more messy kind of haphazard curl whereas wrapping between is going to get you a more nice defined curl which you can see now see up at the top it’s a little bit more messy at the bottom it’s a little bit more kind of perfect so you kind of choose based on that what kind of curl you want so now that you know how to use the iron here’s what we’re going to do for the bottom half of the hair we’re going to really focus on building volume the way that you’re going to do that is by alternating the direction that you curl your hair so we’ve already curled the first section we’re going to drop down the next section and you’re going to see here that I’m going to alternate which way I’m curling the hair this first one I’m curling away from my face the next curl I’m going to curl toward my face by doing that you make it so that the hair kind of stands on top of each other the curls can’t form together into one giant curl they have to sit on top of each other and that makes more volume you can do this throughout all of your hair but I’m just going to do this on the bottom half of the hair to build out the volume and then on top I’m going to focus on making it look pretty so to make it look pretty you’re going to drop down your next section of hair and what you’re going to do is make sure that you focus on getting the hair between the bubbles and it’s okay to wrap the hair more than once in the same little crevice between the bubble but also make sure that you’re curling the hair away from the face every single time you curl.

It that way it’s going to look really nice and pretty and flow really well especially with that waterfall braid basically you just want to curl the bottom half of your hair super randomly and the top super uniformly and that’s going to get you the look that we’re going for here now I’ve actually come to really like this pearl barrel because my hair lasts really really well on the second day with it my hair can usually hold a little bit of a curl the second day but with these curls they look really really good like completely wearable don’t need any touch ups the second day and I love that so anyway you can see here that I am finishing up and once that’s done I’ll show you what I’m doing with the curls afterwards and this is what the curls look like in ringlets form which is really pretty but I wanted to open them up just a little bit.

So I decided to brush through it you can see that sneaking my hair just a little bit fuzzy that often happens when you brush through curls so I’m going to take a little bit more of that Noomi white truffle oil hair primer and just use one pump of that through my hands and I’m going to apply that to my ends and you can see that that’s taking down all the fuzziness and just leaving me with this nice curls beachy texture and now for the waterfall braid you’re going to take a section of hair from right next to your hairline and split it in two and just twist those two sections around themselves just a couple of times to get started then you’re going to drop the bottom section and pick up a new section once you’ve got those two sections you’re just going to twist them once so that the bottom is now on the top and then you’re going to drop the new bottom section then you’re going to pick up another section twist it over itself and drop the bottom section and so on and so forth until you reach the center back of your head once you reach the center back of your head go ahead and twist the two sections that you have left around each other a couple times and then just use a bobby pin to hold your place for now and now we’re going to do the exact same thing on the other side take your section near your hairline twist it a couple times to get yourself started and then just think drop and twist drop the hair pick up new stuff and twist it so I guess maybe drop pick up twist so drop pick up twist over and over and over again until you reach the center back of your head I find this so much easier than a normal waterfall braid but I think it still looks really similar to normal ones of course once you reach the end just twist the hair around itself a couple times and hold it with a bobby pin then grab a little clear elastic and pull the bobby pins back out bring your two sections together and secure them with the elastic then if you want to be fancy you can take a small piece of hair and wrap it around the elastic just two or three times and then once you’re done just place the hair right underneath the little tiny ponytail that we have going on and then you’re just going to bobby pin the hair right there what’s great is that once you’re done you can let the ponytail back down and it will hide the bobby pins so once you’ve done that you are done with this hairstyle if you’re interested in the set I used today you can use the code Kaley cakes on the Nuvi website to get any set including the lustrum for $99 plus a free argan oil or the code gobble gobble to get 60% off and free shipping on the entire new me website so that’s it for today’s post guys I hope you enjoyed this hairstyle and I will see you in my next one love you guys very much mwah bye.

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