Easy Beach Hairstyles Tutorial

Today I wanted to focus on hairstyles you can actually wear to the beach. These will stay in place through wind, sweat and waves. I recommend starting with these styles a little on the tight side, and then let the beach tousle it for you. Let’s get started. (easygoing instrumental music) Let’s get started with some fishtail pigtails and try saying that five times fast. (chuckling) Start by splitting your hair in half, and then fishtail braid each side of your hair all the way down. If you’d like to learn how to fishtail braid, you can check out my tutorial which is linked below. Once the fishtails are done, you can just loosen some pieces around your face and you’re done.

This is a great photo-ready option that will fit so many different styles and be perfect for the beach. Now, onto something a little different. You’re going to start by splitting your hair in half and secure the top half with an elastic leaving it looped on the last rotation. If you have any ends left out, you can wrap them around the elastic and pin them in place. Now repeat those same steps with the bottom half of the hair and finish off with your headband of choice. I’ve seen cool girls all around LA rocking this style and I have to admit, it’s perfect for summer. I love how easy and quick it is, and that is reminds of Rey from Star Wars.

Easy Beach Hairstyles Tutorial Photo Gallery

And here’s one for you braid-a-holics. You’re going to start by splitting your hair in half and clip one side out of the way. Flip your head over and Dutch braid the free section from the nape of your neck to the top of your head. Once you get there, braid a few inches normally and hold your place with a bobby pin. Then, flip your hair back up and pull all of that hair on that side into a high pigtail. Braid the hair in the pigtail and then wrap it into a bun. Now, just repeat the same thing on the other side. And once you’ve got that side, there you go. This style is a bit more work, but it’s perfect for going in and out of the water without worrying about your hair. It’s also going to be adorable in pictures. Next, we have a fun and easy take on an old favorite. You’re going to bring all of your hair into a high ponytail. Then, split the ponytail in half and grab a scarf.

Wrap each section of hair around the scarf, then twist the two sides around each other in opposite directions. Tie the ends of the scarf together or twist them, and if you need, add a couple bobby pins. And there you go. If all you feel like doing is a bun, just put a scarf in it. You can take this retro, or boho, whatever your vibe is. And then, we have this khaleesi of the beaci, which is one more for my braid-a-holics. Start by taking a section of hair from the front and braid it straight back. Once you reach the top of your head, secure it with an elastic. Now, pick sections on either temple and braid each section. Bring those two sections to the back. Pick up the pony from the first braid and secure it all with an elastic. Now, do that again with the hair over your ears. Now, you can stop there or braid the rest of your hair normally which I decided to do. Once you’ve done that, this hairstyle is done. It seems like a lot of braids, but this comes together really quickly and it’s a great way to secure your hair around your hairline. And that’s it for our beach-ready hairstyles. Go enjoy the beach, pool, surf, paddleboard, whatever, while your hair stays conveniently out of the way. I hope you enjoyed this Post.

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