Easy Bohemian Braids Waves Hairstyle Hair Tutorial

Hey guys, today I’m going to show you how to do this really easy bohemian hairstyle first. I’m going to apply heat protectant all over my hair. Because I will be using hot tools now. I’m going to grab a paddle brush. And I’m going to brush my hair to distribute the product. And I’m also going to wait a bit for it to dry now. I’m going to grab a rat tail comb. And I’m going to part my hair right above the arch of my left eyebrow now. I’m going to grab hair near the front of my face.

Easy Bohemian Braids Waves Hairstyle Hair Tutorial Photo Gallery

I’m going to divide it into three parts, because. I’m gonna start braiding my hair. So just braid it like normal and you can just do a regular braid for this. But I actually did a half French braid. So basically I just added hair from the top. And I incorporate it into the left strand. So at this point.

I’m just going to continue to braid my hair regularly we’re gonna grab a hair tie. And I’m going to tie it off now. I’m grabbing my rat tail comb again. And I’m dividing my hair. And I’m just gonna grab a chunk. And I’m going to start braiding and you can add as many random braids as you like. And I’m gonna add a few to my hair and when that braid is done just tie it off with a hair tie and release the rest of your hair. And I’m also going to be adding some braids to the other side of my hair just doing regular braids.

And. I’m gonna do a few here. So when you have enough rays just put your hair up and you’re going to curl all the loose strands that you didn’t braid. So here. I’m using my Amica clipless curling iron and this is the one and a quarter inch barrel which I really like. Because it gives really loose waves and these are really up realist curls, because. I’m not going for the curly look.

I’m just aiming for a wavy hair dude now. I’m gonna grab a bottle hairspray. And I’m gonna flip my hair upside down and spray it and then paddle this should be the completed look nice wavy hair with braids I hope you guys enjoy the toriel and give it a try. Because it’s super easy I’ll talk to you soon bye.

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