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Oh hello I’m So happy to see you welcome back today I’m going to show you how to create this cute and easy okay maybe not. So easy but, I think with enough practice it can be easy hairstyle it is basically two Dutch braids that be together and then, I nicely wrap it all around and it makes for a perfect everyday hairstyle for school or work. So let’s get started alright.

So I’m going to start with my right side I’m gonna grab a section right at the top of my head and I’m gonna start creating a three strand Dutch braid. So basically what it is if you’ve never done a Dutch braid is that you’re braiding instead of over you’re braiding under. So I’m going to start doing that and then I’m going to add a section from the right into the right section and a section from the left into the left section.

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So I’m continuously feeding more hair into the right section and then braiding it under and then doing the same thing to the left section and braving it under as well I’m going to link a post down below on how to do a Dutch braid if you’re not sure how to do that alright once, I get to the center of my head I’m gonna stop here and I’m just gonna hold this with my left hand and with my right hand I’m gonna go into this braid and start Fanning it out very very carefully especially if you have some layers in your hair you want to be really careful here because you don’t want to pull up the layers once, I find out the braid I’m gonna grab a hair elastic and I’m just gonna secure this braid in place next I’m gonna grab a bobby pin and I’m gonna pin this braid in the middle of my head moving on to the left side I’m basically going to do the same things I’m going to start braiding a Dutch braid and then fitting hair to the right section braiding under fitting more here to the left section braiding under and just doing that three four times as long as, I have the hair and as soon as, I can feel that I’m meeting the right braids I’m going to stop and next I’m going to also fan out this braid as well to make it appear the same as the right braid. So I’m going to fan it out on the bottom and the top and when I’m happy with the result I’m gonna also put it in a hair elastic first once, I have the two braids in the hair elastic I’m going to bring them together and I’m gonna grab a section of hair from the bottom. So right underneath the hair elastic and wrap it right over the base.

So right over these elastics. So that we cannot see them once, I wrapped it all nicely I’m gonna grab a bobby pin and I’m gonna pin it right behind the section and, I think I’ll use about two here just to make sure it’s nice and secure got efecto alright. So at this point you can either curl the rest of the hair or just leave it straight I’m just going to leave it straight today it looks cute and just perfect to go out the door and that is it for today my beauties thank you.

So much for tuning in let me know how you like this double dutch down below leave me a comment, I love radio in comments make sure to LIKE this post it will totally make my day and when you recreate this double dutch make sure to post it on your Instagram with hashtag double dutch thank you guys. So much again love you. So much and I’ll see you soon bye you.

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