Easy Heatless Baguette Bun Hairstyle

With this really great easy hairstyle that can be worn for so many different occasions I personally love it for like an everyday or even a lazy day hairstyle but it would go great with a dress or a nice event you guys help me name this one on social media we’re calling it the baguette bun and I hope you like it as much as I do let’s get started to prep my hair I just used a bit of texturizing spray this helps to take down any kind of slipperiness your hair might have so it’s a bit easier to braid but it also gives it a bit of a live in texture this helps your hair to look a little bit more chic and kind of lived in then if you were to not use it for the second step we’re simply going to put all of our hair into a Dutch braid so I’m taking a section of hair from the very top of my head and I’m going to start there so I’m going to split that section into three pieces and then begin braiding to create a Dutch braid you need to braid underneath the middle piece every time you braid so instead of braiding over you right under and that creates that kind of 3d look that the braid has so once you’ve got your braid started you’re going to start adding in pieces just like you would in a French braid just slide your finger to pick up some hair add it in with the hair that you’re braiding and then braid it under then just continue repeating that until you have all of the hair incorporated into the braid it took fairly large sections for this because I like how that looked that way I only had you know a couple braided pieces over the shenyang.

Easy Heatless Baguette Bun Hairstyle Photo Gallery

So I really recommend taking nice big pieces it also makes the braid go a lot faster when you take big pieces or other than small perfect pieces so I just continue doing this until had all the hair that was down incorporated into the Dutch braid once your rate is done just seal it off at the nape of your neck with a clear elastic then to add volume to the braid pull on each little section so that you kind of expand it and make it look much more voluminous and full you can see here I’m just tugging on little pieces of each section to make them as big as I possibly can another good thing you can do is to massage each section like I’m doing right here that creates kind of a textured look to the braid but it also adds in the volume and it might be a little bit of an easier technique if you struggle with pulling your braids apart and we’re already to the very last step which is the chignon to do that you’re just going to loop your hair and basically.

I just folded mine over so that I had the ends against my neck and then I used an elastic to hold that loop in place so I basically just use an elastic right around the base of it now you may have more or less hair than I do sticking out of this and that’s totally fine if you have little bits of hair that will be cute if you have long hair like I do it can also work as well so I’m going to take a little second to massage the loop as well because I want it to look lived in I don’t want it to look perfectly looped and you can even pull on little pieces of hair so that they’re not all the exact same length as well just depending on what you like then I’m going to take some of the hair that’s sticking out and wrap it around the base of my elastics and you can leave some hair out from that as well you can see that I left some little pieces sticking out.

I think it looks more lived in that way and I like it but if you don’t obviously you can you know pull everything together and make it look very perfect if that’s what you like I’m also massaging the wrap a little bit so that it’s texturized as well I was really into massaging my hair today and then I’m going to use a bobby pin to hold the end in place I’m also going to stick another bobby pin in the back just to make sure that my hair stays together throughout the day for my final step I’m just going to loosen up some of the layers around my face just by kind of running my hand over them if you have bangs you can just leave them out of this hairstyle and you know have them forward they will look great as well and guess what this hairstyle is complete so it really is just a pulled apart braid and a chignon it’s very easy you can do it in less than 10 minutes and it really is just a great cheek lazy day hairstyle so you can have a lazy day but still have amazing hair so I hope you guys try this one out as always you can send me pictures with hashtag Kelly Melissa and you can check out more pictures of this hairstyle on my blog which is linked below I’ll see you my next post muah bye.

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