Easy Loose Curls Hairstyle

Hey everyone its Leila here today I’m going to show you how to create this very easy everyday. So the curly wavy hairstyle actually, I was wearing this hairstyle in our post with Mimi on how to pick your perfect shade and a lot of you guys have requested for me to do a tutorial and show you how, I created that look. So, I just wanted to show you guys how, I do it it’s honestly super easy it takes a little bit of time because of the curling of the hair but the actual hairstyle takes like less than a minute.

So if you want to know how, I do it then just keep one made this look you’re going to need a few things you’re definitely going to need some sort of a curler today I’m using the Enzo Milano one-inch clipless barrel curler and just a few bobby pins also you want to brush your hair beforehand. So you’re gonna need a brush um definitely a heat tamer spray or what am, I saying tres I’m using Tresemme heat tamer spray but any sort of heat protectant okay. So the first thing you want to do is just brush the hair all the way throughout just to make sure there’s no tangles.

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So that when you’re curling it it’s nice and smooth. So we’re just going to curl the hair as you would normally um and, I like to start with the bottom layers and just sort of section them off to about one inch or. So I’m going to show you how I’m doing it on one and then I’ll just fast forward it because it would take way too long otherwise.

So I’m just going to begin by sectioning the bottom portion and clipping up the rest our first thing you want to do and, I always forget this is definitely spray some heat protectant onto your hair and extensions as well if you’re doing it with extensions just like that and let it air dry for a few, I would say like 15 seconds or. So just. So that it’s not super wet and then it sort of defeats the purpose you’re going to be burning the hair.

So once it sort of absorbs into the hair and it’s dry you want to separate it into three sections bring it forward. So and we’re just going to curl the hair basically like you normally would curls at the front we’ll be going away from my face and then in the middle we sort of alternating some strands will be looking inwards and some strands will be looking outwards but basically the technique is the same I’m going to be holding the curler down and just grab the hair and sort of wrap it around the curler like. So and I’m not going all the way to the roots but pretty close and just hold for 10 seconds or.

So and the way, I tested is, I just kind of touched the hair with my finger and once, I feel like it’s heated up, I let it go the first one, I usually hold longer than, I normally would just because you know you want to let the curler heat up nicely. So, I think that’s probably enough. So then everybody said.

So that’s the kind of curl you get and then you want to just loosen it up a little bit just kind of pull on it and loosen it up and you see how fast that was and pretty much you’re just going to continue all the way around your head and do exactly the same thing and right now I’m just going to go ahead and just fast forward this. So you don’t die from boredom. So let’s go okay.

So now that you’ve finished curling all the hair finally you want to just kind of go through the curls and pull on them just sort of run your fingers through the hair to open it up because, I don’t like to have like tight curls, I like them to be more natural looking now to the final part which is just picking up this front pieces and basically just taking them back towards your ear like that and just pinning them down that’s all, I did for that post and that’s how easy it is so just pick up a bobby pin right there open it up and there’s a little trick that you can do for the bobby pin too high. So once you kind of open them up and attach it to the hair that you want to um you know pin, I guess you just kind of slide it in.

So don’t go this way go into the hair like that and basically that way the bobby pin is hidden, I hope you can see and if you want it to be even more hidden you can pick up the hair from up top and just kind of hide it like this yeah and we’re going to do exactly the same thing on this side. So just pick up this front here and make sure they’re even like you know balanced. So just pick it up take it back and give it a twist if you want maybe like that and then just grab a bobby pin open it up go into the hair like, I said and then once it’s in the hair you’re going to slide it in like that okay that’s all there is to it and then again if you wanted to hide it even more you’re going to pick up the hair from the back and just cover up that bobby pin.

So it looks more looks hidden. So that’s all there is to this look, I was just curling the hair and then just taking the front portions of the hair back and pinning them down, I think this look is adorable for pretty much any occasion I’m not sure if school would be the best occasion because, I mean if you have the time by all means but it does take a little bit of time to curl the hair. So at this point you can go ahead and spray the hair if you want I’m not going to spray mine because, I have already hairspray in the extensions from you know the previous time that, I use them.

So because, I haven’t washed them out the hair still holds the hairspray ends. So when you curl it it’s sort of deep like reactivates the the hairs. So basically I’m not gonna be spraying mine but you can definitely go ahead and at this point just spray your whole head to make sure the hairstyle stays this way for the whole day thank you.

So much for reading, I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial, I enjoyed this easy tutorial there’s really not much teaching to do in this particular one but you have requested to see me do it. So there you have it thank you and, I will see you guys in the next post bye.

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