Easy Twist Braid Hairstyle Hair Tutorial

Hey guys, I’m going to show you how to do this cute bohemian hairstyle is perfect for spring and summer this hairstyle works best on medium to long hair and the twist feed itself takes less than two minutes to do. So, if you want to see how I did this thank you for reading to give my hair that carefree boho look. I’m going to curl it. So first. I’m going to spray my hair with some heat protectant next. I’m going to brush my hair to evenly distribute the product and allow it to dry for a few minutes for today’s let’s all be using the nume lustrum which is a curling wand that comes with five interchangeable barrels now if uses sent in the past.

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But new me recently revamped the packaging and it now comes in a convenient carrying case the kit comes with a heat protectant gloves and some pamphlets and inside everything is neatly packed and since there are five different types of barrels you can definitely experiment with your look and go from big voluminous waves to tight curls now if you’re interested Moo me actually has this set for $99 right now, if you use the code glowing or you can get 50% off the entire site, if you use the code front now, if you read a bit of description below. I’m actually giving one of these kits away. So, if you wanna win don’t forget to read the rules anywho I recently got my hair layered again. So I’m going to start by curling the top layer first after holding your hair there for 10 seconds you want to release it from the Barrow and then you want to flip it to the opposite side, if you notice. I’m actually picking up pearls on to sections of hair before I curl and what this will do is it will give you ways instead of tight ringlets oh. And I forgot to mention that the ones. I’m using is the tapered one.

So it’s a little bit thicker at the base. But it narrows down at the tip. So here. I’m just going to continue to work my way down and curl my hair layer by layer when you’re done with one side flip all your hair back and gently run your fingers through your roots to separate the curls repeats on the opposite side using the same curling method and if you’re happy with your look just set in your hair with your favorite sea salt spray to create the bow hole twist braid you want to pick up some hair on both sides of your head and tie them together at the back with an elastic band and right below that you want to pick up two more sections of hair and tie it right on top of the first one next you want to take that second ponytail that you just tied and you want to tuck it into the first ponytail and pull it through. So now I should be sitting behind the first one and then you want to repeat the same steps two more times and what you’re essentially doing is you’re twisting these two ponytails together next gently tug on each little twist until you get some nice volume and texture if done correctly you should end up with a pretty twist braid that looks like this. So I hope you guys enjoyed this quick and easy hairstyle, if you did don’t forget to give this post a thumbs up and if you’re interested in those movie deals that I mentioned earlier I’ll put Lisa and discount codes in the post description below thank you so much for reading. And I’ll talk to you later bye comment to my blog to be notified of new posts and don’t forget to check out my previous hair tutorial.

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