Easy Undone Model Waves: Hair tutorial!

Here today I want to show you how to create this subtle wave I have been looking for a more I’m done wave kind of luck that I like wearing, this is the only you can wear this on any Hair Link for any occasion it is just a great go to, I’m also using some of the products from my favorite with living proof because why not get to see those products, action as well so I’m excited to show you guys how to do this nice subtle wave let’s get started.

First things first we have to prep the hair my hair was wet I use the instant perfecting spray from living proof this house to tangle, smooth hair but it also provides heat protection so I know my hair is good to go for heat styling my hair as you saw me do it a day in the life of my hair post, once my hair was dry I split my hair, health include the top hat out of the way so now let’s talk about the technique.

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Lupin full, the iron I’m using for this is a 1, 1/4 inch iron the great the loop you’re going to close your iron supposed to the root of the hair, turn it a full 360 degrees this creates one full rotation of the curl, then you can send you turn the iron 360° then move the iris that is parallel with the hair so that it can step out, then pull the iron down the hair slightly, at the end just slide the iron over the last.

Center to a pair to give them a slight polished Bend but does not the does it’s provide space between the curls but so it’s more of a true wave than a curl How I use the technique because my hair is a little bit fine, I like volume I like to mix the Lupin full wave with a traditional curl every other girl I usually just let it go Leave for my next piece of hair, continuing to Alternative then go, what’s all the hair on the bottom is Pearl’s I let the top down, keep going well here is some good things to know first of all you don’t choose how many Loops.

You want to do the more Loops the more wavy, almost beachy the hair will look left Loops will give you that barely there been which is super cool on short orthocare to know do what make sure that when you close that iron it’s the edge isn’t Kris the hair you want the hair to go nice, smooth Lee around the iron before you close it instead of cutting it off with the top of the clip, now we’re just going to finish everything off I’m going to start with this a smooth sea hare look for someone a little bit more volume so I’m going to use the tiniest bit of texturizing spray, my roots, mid-length this is being dry volume.

Blast from living proof then I like to come through with my fingers, add a bit of everything, polish off the girls Then on the second day if I’m going from where text right look I love to pull out my perfect hair day dry shampoo to absorb any oil at my roots then I’ll use the TVD to deconstruct the girls, make them look more lived in it’s a great way to work with second day hair 4 more purposeful lived in All that you try out these products in my favorites box which is available right now with living proof I am so excited to finally have a product out there for you guys, I hope you try it out, I hope you love it.

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