It has been suggested that a menu for one or two weeks would be a fitting ending to this encyclopedia. We are not sure that this is necessary, or even advisable. Eating habits vary, and what may appear as a full nourishing meal for one may be too much or too little for the other.

Some people may desire only a token breakfast, while others may not be satisfied with less than a heavy meal in the morning. Variations may be necessary for those who, because of ill health, follow special diets.

We shall, nevertheless, attempt to present a sample of what we consider to be a satisfactory menu for average circumstances: breakfast If not hungry for breakfast, do not eat. Do not eat just for eatings sake. If a light breakfast will satisfy you, raw and stewed fruits are ideal. We favor the no-breakfast plan or, at most, a light breakfast, but no large breakfast except where one is hungry enough to require a large meal in the morning.

For those who feel the need for a large breakfast, we would recommend:

A fruit juice (either freshly squeezed or of the unsweetened variety, taken preferably 1 hour before rest of meal); a service of raw fruits (unsweetened); a cereal, eaten dry, with stewed fruits or berries (sweetened with honey, if desired); a cold cereal preferably, a cooked whole-grain cereal if one feels the need; a glass of milk or buttermilk or yoghurt or any of the hot herb or vegetable drinks listed in this volume. lunch A vegetable or fruit salad; cottage or pot or farmer cheese or young green soybeans or avocado or any easily digestible protein food; i or 2 steamed vegetables or vegetable soup; fruit or berries for dessert.

Or a vegetable salad; a few whole grain crackers or 1 or 2 slices whole wheat toast; i or 2 steamed vegetables or vegetable soup; fruit or berries for dessert.

If you have to pack a lunch for your man at work or for your school child follow the suggestions offered in the chapter on lunches.

In connection with lunch, it is well to bear in mind that when working, it is best to eat a light meal, and that the heavier meal should be eaten at night when you are able to rest after it.

In many European countries the custom is to take the main meal at midday, but then two hours are taken for the occasionally a vegetable soup; fruit or berries or any of the meal. dinner For a nice satisfying dinner, we recommend:

A large raw vegetable salad; baked white potatoes or sweet potatoes or corn on cob or any other starch food one day, to be alternated with cheese, soybeans, or any other protein food the next day; i or 2 steamed vegetables or occasionally a vegetable soup; fruit or berries or any of the desserts listed above.

Among the concentrated starch foods we list potatoes, yams, sweet corn, fresh lima beans, bananas, all grain foods.

The concentrated proteins include meat, fish, eggs, cheese, nuts, soybeans.

When cheese or other protein is taken with the lunch meal, it is advisable that a starch be taken at night.


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