Eating Nails in Children

Nail eating is a sign of nervousness and anxiety. Sensitive and intoxicated are more common in children. When they are excited, for example when they are about to be dropped off at school, or they put their fingernails in the cinema. Nail eating is not that important when you are seen in a cheerful child, but it’s always worth focusing on.

Nudging or punishing a child eating a nail will block the child’s movement for only half a minute. Because the child does this before they realize it.

Eating Nails in Children Photo Gallery

In general, such behaviors increase the anxiety of the child. It is rarely useful to take pain medication in the nails.
What is really needed is to find out what is affecting the child and try to get rid of them.

Are you involved in your business a lot? Is it too hard for him to do certain things? Can not he do what he wants? Is he too scolded? Parents are expecting more from their children about home work and lessons?

We need to talk to your teacher about the situation at school. If cinema and TV are more exciting than the other kids, do not let them watch exciting movies and listen to such programs.

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