Echinacea Oat Scrub for Acne

This is a cleansing, healing, soothing scrub for blemished skin.

2 tablespoons dried echinacea root 1-2 teaspoons water or witch hazel (cut) extract

1 tablespoon oats (preferably whole oat groat)

Finely grind the echinacea and oats in a coffee/seed grinder and sift through a fine-mesh strainer, regrinding coarser particles as needed. For a single application, wet 1-2 teaspoons of scrub with water or witch hazel until a pasty consistency is reached and follow the Basic Scrub Technique on 9. Or apply directly onto blemishes to help clear them up, leaving on overnight for best results. Makes enough for 3-4 applications.

Variations: You can substitute for the echinacea other herbs such as sage, calendula, yarrow or thyme. And you can replace the oats with rice or other grains.

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