Eddris Gaaloul and Cyrille Verdon

Is that a floor mat or an inflatable raft? It’s both, because that’s what Eddris Gaaloul and Cyrille Verdon intended. The Swiss duo, who go by the name Superlife, came up with clever objects made of PVC, natural and synthetic fabrics that can possibly save your life. We’d rely on Blackout, a lamp with a battery run removable light source; Alive, a whistle with a detachable base that glows; Poumon, the pen holder and breathing filter, and Meduse, a carpet that can be inflated to become a float.

Website www.superiife.ch

Eddris Gaaloul and Cyrille Verdon Photo Gallery

The police were waiting at the delivery. The package was drugs. Tony was threatened with life imprisonment. He said knew nothing about drugs. He was beaten. He said he knew nothing: he was only doing someone a favour. He was given 12 years. He was 19 years old. Stories seeped out about what a hard time the Japanese guards were giving him. I knew Tony, vaguely.

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