Most Effective Laser Light Skin Resurfacer

THE DÉCOLLETÉ BRIGHTENER Undoing the sins of sun worship (fine lines and blotchy marks) and helping with issues such as broken capillaries, thread veins and rosacea, the new Photo Fabulous M22 Laser (£350) is the most effective laser light skin resurfacer to date.

Using IPL (intense pulsed light) to tackle redness and a resurfacing laser to treat texture and tone, it can also improve the appearance of stretchmarks around the bust. During treatment, expect to feel a sharp sensation, rather like a hot rubber band slapping skin, and afterwards you’ll looked flushed for a few hours.

Most Effective Laser Light Skin Resurfacer Photo Gallery

Most people need two or three treatments spaced about a month apart to look photo-fabulous. WHO TO SEE Renée Lapino at The Wellness Clinic, Harrods, London (020 7225 5678;

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