Egg And Cheese Dishes Recipe

Egg And Cheese Dishes Recipe

There are probably no foods which lend themselves to a greater variety of occasions or recipes than eggs and cheese. Endlessly adaptable, simple to prepare, and consistently tasty and satisfying to eat, they remain among the housewife’s most reliable allies. The following passages include a number of tempting new ways of dealing with these old favourites.

Basic recipe for a plain omelette

Cooking Time: 1-11 minutes You will need for 1 person:

2 eggs salt and pepper

2 teaspoons water 1 oz. butter

1 Have ready the pan and the dish on which the omelette is to be served.

2 Break the eggs one at a time and put into a basin with the water and seasoning.

3 Heat the butter, pour in the egg mixture and as it sets, move the pan around and stir with a fork so that the still liquid mixture comes in contact with the hot pan.

4 When the egg is set to your taste, loosen the edges, tilt the pan away from you and with the help of a palette knife fold the omelette over.

5 Turn out on to a hot dish.

With herbs and ham: Chopped parsley, mixed herbs, a little finely chopped ham, etc., can be mixed with the eggs before frying. If a more substantial filling is used, put this on one half of the omelette before folding over.

With cheese: Sprinkle grated cheese over the centre of the omelette while cooking.

With onion: Mix 1 tablespoon chopped onion and 1 teaspoon chopped parsley. Add to omelette before cooking.

With vegetables: Use any left-over cooked vegetables. Force vegetables through a sieve, moisten with a little milk or gravy and season. Spread mixture lightly over omelette before folding.

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