El Hierro

The peaceful island of El Hierro is less than 50 km long and is home to natural swimming pools and crystal clear waters, ideal for swimming and scuba diving. It also boasts huge areas of protected woodland, a cliff-lined coastline, plus coves and lagoons such as Charco Manso in the north, and Charco Azul in the northwest.

El Hierro has the densest concentration of volcanoes in the Canary Islands, and is also famous for its incredible savin juniper trees at El Sabinar, which have become mis-shapen by the strong winds.

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The barman turned the music up and we grabbed partners and capered around the room to the blast of the Bee Gees, between rounds of San Miguel. I was with a girl who was surefooted and as quick as a whip; I felt pretty nifty myself and I let myself imagine that we must have looked a dapper couple, like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. The others all looked oafish, but not me, I was on top of the world. There was a small stage at one end and from time to time the music would be turned off and one of the girls would mount the stage and bray tunelessly at us. We cheered, despite the awfulness of the acts. There was a gathering crowd outside who were curious to look in the door and see us all at play and every now and then the guard would shout at them and wave his Remington threateningly. Small boys lay on the boardwalk and looked under the batwing doors. In between the music from the juke-box and the impromptu stage acts, we could hear a crackle of small-arms-fire from outside the town; it sounded quite close. The evening went on into the morning and we had a fabulous time. Later, in the early hours, bumping back down the road towards our ship in the Jeepney, tracer-fire arced across the sky like angels going home, and we drank our bottles of San Miguel and clutched our precious memories close.

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