Elegant Prom Half-Updo Hairstyle Curly Hair Tutorial

Hey guys, in this post I’ll be showing you how to do this elegant half updo this perfect for the holidays this hairstyle will work best on medium to long hair. So, if you guys want to see how I did this then keep on reading first off since we will be using hot tools you want to apply heat protectant all over your hair brush your hair to distribute the products and wait a few minutes for it to dry now divide your hair in half and start by curling the bottom layer first now you want to get your favorite curling iron and start curling your hair. I’m using the Amika click this cutting iron.

Elegant Prom Half-Updo Hairstyle Curly Hair Tutorial Photo Gallery

Because it’s So easy to use and it gives me very long-lasting curls when you’re done curling the bottom layer you want to release a second layer and start curling it as well when you’re done curling your hair you should have something that looks like this, pick up some hair at the top of your head and start back combing it use some hairspray to freeze the t’s and do the exact same thing to the other side now my hair is kind of flat and fit at the top that’s why I have to tease it for volume. But, if you have thick hair you can definitely omit this step and what you want to do is you just want to gather the top of your hair into a little ponytail like. So and gather the back into a French twist.

So here’s what the back looks like all I did was twist the ponytail in one direction and it forms a little twist like that on its own now. I’m going to grab some bobby pins and pin it in place don’t worry if it looks messy. Because you can always fill the top later pick up some hair at the side and back comb it from behind spray some hairspray at the back and comb the front to smooth it out gather this chunk of hair to the back and fold it inwards like. So pin down the base of the fold to the back of your head by inserting a few bobby pins upward now teach the other side to make your hair stiff and do the exact same thing for this particular hairstyle you want the two folds to meet at the bag and, if you didn’t do right the first time no worries just undo it and do it again feel free to accessorize your hair with a flower clip and, if you need to spray the front of your hair with hairspray to take down the flyaways. So here is the completed lid you can wear this elegant half updo to a dinner or party and, if you already have curly hair definitely give this a try. Because it will give you a lot of volume at the back anyways I hope you guys enjoy the tutorial and thanks so much for reading bye comment to my blog to be notified of new posts and feel free to check out my other hair tutorials.

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