How To Eliminate Belly Fat Fast Without Surgery

You must Tame the Stress Beast to Live Happily Ever After

Stress kills. It isn’t natural to spend every waking hour and most of our sleep in a state of stress. But we do. It became a pervasive habit that affects people from all walks of life right across the world. It’s such a constant feature of our lives that most of us don’t even recognise that we’re stressed.

We’ve become blindly accustomed to its constant presence and don’t even notice what it’s doing to us anymore. Until something goes wrong. We understand that the stress response evolved some fifty thousand years ago to protect us from imminent danger.

Stress, of course, is a very expensive survival response so humans also evolved simple mechanisms to switch off the stress and return to more normal functioning. They relaxed their shoulders and breathed deeply. The same principle works today. It’s hardwired into our systems. Relax your shoulders and breathe deeply and the stress system scales down immediately and dramatically.

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