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She says: The break-in was just terrifying and it’s been a huge wake-up call for him to tighten up security. Simon knows it could have ended much worse, especially as Eric was at home. He had a break-in three years ago when there was a woman holding a brick and ready to pounce on him, so now he’s really going to take security very seriously. As for Sinitta, she has just moved into a new home and is splashing out on a fancy refurbishment as she wants this to be her forever home.

She says: I’ve moved house every two years for the past eight years, but I finally feel settled here. I’m going to have some friends round on New Year’s Eve, so by 1 January I’ll never want to see alcohol ever again. Moving house has been stressful and I’ve let my healthy eating slide, so I can’t wait for the New Year when I’ll throw myself into a healthy lifestyle. I have a feeling that 2016 is going to be an amazing year.

Christmas is all about the kids now!

They first met over 20 years ago when global phenomenon girl band The Spice Girls was formed in 1994.

While the group were renowned for their feistiness and cheeky performances, Mel C and Emma Bunton are now doting mums Mel has six-year-old daughter Scarlett with former partner Thomas Starr, while Emma has sons Beau, eight, and Tate, four, with partner of 17 years, Jade Jones.

And speaking at a charity production of the The Rocky Horror Show, the girls tell Closer that Christmas is now their favourite time of year to spend with close family and friends.

Mel revealed to Closer last year she was set to enjoy her first northern Christmas in years, heading to her native Liverpool with Scarlett. But this year, the star says she’s planning London-based festivities at home.

Mel, 41, says: I spent last year with my family in Liverpool, which was so nice. It was my first northern Christmas in quite a while and it was amazing to catch up with all my old childhood friends and people I just don’t get to see that often. This year,

I’m planning a London Christmas at my home with Scarlett and family and friends. It just makes things so much easier!


But Mel reveals it can be tricky making plans over the festive season with Scarlett after splitting from her father and former partner of 10 years Thomas in 2012.

She says: Thomas and I both have family abroad, so fitting in all the people we want to visit is a jigsaw, but we make it work!

And she says while daughter Scarlett is looking forward to the holiday season, she’s just as excited!


Mel laughs: I’ve been looking forward to Christmas since September. The season changes and the weather gets really cosy.

I start planning the day and my shopping list way in advance! Scarlett is at that perfect age where she’s so excited by the day and the presents too. It really gets you into the festive spirit.

She adds: Christmas is all about the kids and me and my family have loads of rituals. We leave carrots and drinks out for Santa and

his reindeers and usually leave a big trail of glitter and dust by the chimney, where Santa drops down.

It leaves a big mess but it’s all good fun!

And Mel says she’ll make time for a catch up with her

Emma Bunton and Mel C chat to Closer about how they spend Christmas and a possible Spice Girls festive reunion

former Spice Girl band mates. She says: The Spice Girls will definitely try to plan a Christmas meet up. We usually try to get together as a group throughout the year and we like to do a Christmas get-together. It’s hard to pin us all down with our diaries but we try our best!


And Mel’s former bandmate Emma Bunton, 39, says she’s just as excited about the holiday season, telling Closer: I love Christmas.

It’s one of my favourite times of the year. She adds: Having children makes it that much more magical. My boys are at an age where Christmas makes them so excited and happy. The day really revolves around them. And Emma says despite her best efforts, she usually leaves planning the festivities until the last minute, laughing: Oh gosh,

I try to be really organised, but I am just lastminute.com with Christmas. I just have to hope for the best and see how the day pans out.

And Emma says she happily leaves cooking to former Damage boybander-turned-chef Jade, adding: I try to help as much as possible, but it’s Jade’s job as a chef to be good with food so I leave him on kitchen duty!

Despite being a self-confessed workaholic, former Spice Girl Mel B, 40, reveals she’s happy to take it easy this Christmas -and is planning the ultimate lazy day in LA.

Mel – who lives with her film producer husband Stephen Belafonte and her daughters Phoenix, 16, Angel, eight, and four-year-old Madison – tells Closer. I love a traditional Christmas where you’re all around the tree and don’t get out of your pyjamas and watch lots of TV.

We love somewhere snowy, like Big Bear Lake, a couple of hours from where we live in LA. Stephen is the best cook, so he’s in charge. Madison only likes salmon, I love chicken with

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