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Can you imagine your favourite shade of lip tint staying put, without a single reapplication, for up to four years? That is right. the Emma Roberts treatment lasts up to four years! But if you want to skip the commitment, there is no need to stress. The colour can be easily altered if you get tired of the coral you thought was so in-trend a year ago. It can also be used to correct uneven lips or make slender lips larger by drawing the tattooed outline outside of your natural lip.

Like semi-permanent lip tattooing, there are so many different beauty treatments with an abundance of applications I learned about during my time in Seoul. However, there would never be enough space to write about all of them. The above four are truly some of my favourite takeaways from the trip and I cannot wait to watch them trend worldwide. Check them out soon, but, as always, make sure it is in the hands of a trained professional; new treatments come with novice practitioners trying to learn the trade.

Ultherapy by Dr Soma Sarkar Emma Roberts

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About: It is an ultrasound treatment where waves are used to treat the deepest tissues of the skin in order to achieve younger looking skin with no down time. Those in the age group of 20 to 70 year can avail of this treatment. Ultherapy works from inside out to lift and tighten the skin simultaneously and without any invasion. Unlike lasers and radio-frequency devices which work from outside, Ultherapy bypasses the surface of the skin, delivering focused ultrasound energy up to 4.5mm depth, to the same foundational layer typically addressed by the surgeons to give the same lift. It works on three depths of the skin – the deepest being 4.5mm, 3mm and 1.5mm.

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