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WEDDING PLANNING; WHAT STARTS AS A LOT OF FUN AND EXCITEMENT, CAN DESCEND INTO SLIGHTLY LESS FUN, AND MORE STRESS. While your beaming smile might not let on, tired eyes can be a tell-tale sign that the veil versus tiara debate has got a bit too much. Fear not, because Dr Maryam Zamani – one of the country’s leading oculoplastic surgeons and aesthetic doctors – can still get you to the church looking so bright eyed and bushy-tailed that your Dr Zamani, Cadogan Clinic 120 Sloane Street, London SW1X 9BW, Phone: 020 guests will be none the wiser.

If there’s ever been a reason to smile, we promise Dr Uchenna Okoye is it LOVE DR UCHENNA OKOYE, THE HIGHLY SOUGHT-AFTER COSMETIC DENTIST THAT HAS MANY (FLOSS) STRINGS TO HER BOW, puts others in the shade. She’s director of the multi-clinic London Smiling Dental Group, a member of both the American and British Academies of Cosmetic Dentistry, and Channel 4’s resident dentist on 10 Years Younger, so she definitely knows the drill when it comes to wedding planning, and understands the desire for the perfect smile.

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Whether it’s a cleanse and polish, or invisible braces – and all with a no-pain promise – Dr Okoye is all the woman you need. London Smiling 62a Goodge Street, London, W1T 4NE (clinics also located in Harley Street and Kensington). Phone: 0844 824 8166, Email: goodge@londonsmiling.com, Visit: londonsmiling.com theGRIN YOU’RE IN Top ‘Tweakments’ for Happy Couples SMILE MAKEOVER The procedure starts with a comprehensive plan designed to achieve the most beautiful, natural smile, and includes a tailored analysis of your face shape, skin tone and lifestyle.

A bespoke smile is then designed using a range of techniques – from braces to veneers, whitening, bonding and contouring – to ensure your smile is fresh, youthful, and befitting of your big day. LASER TEETH WHITENING When you’re walking down the aisle, the first thing people will notice is your smile (then the dress, of course). Teeth whitening takes less than an hour, and has no downtime, so you’ll feel better, brighter and more kissable. COSMETIC CONTOURING Great for improving the appearance of fractured, worn or irregular teeth, contouring and bonding make a big difference to your smile and can often be done in one visit. It’s a relatively quick, painless, and inexpensive procedure, you’ll have more to spend on the cake your fabulous new teeth will be taking a large bite of!

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