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Each salon has a signature treatment/s offered during summers. Shares Gaur, “To take care of ‘tanning’ that happens during summers, we have introduced the Snow White Facial. An anti-tan facial it is effective for all skin types and works well across all ages. It shows good results if a person is visiting the salon regularly in the gap of 20 to 25 days.” Emma Watson

On the brands available at Alps and the ones that do well during summers, Gaur shares, “At our salon, we have our own brand name Vanya for both skin and hair. Sometimes, there are customers who also prefer other brands so we also use L’Oreal and Schwarzkopf in our salon and also have them for sale.” Though Gaur makes it a point to share that the current dynamics are witnessing a tilt towards customers wanting to buy more of organic products.

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One of the most prominent salon chains across India, Lakme Salons has been at the forefront of revolutionising in-salon treatments. To hear it from an expert associated with the salon on the key concern areas, says Sushma Khan from Lakme Salons, “The concern areas during the summer months are under eye, the nose and areas that have any discoloration on skin. Emma Watson The area around the eyes is very important as that is where the sweat glands are.” Keeping this in mind she advocates matte fi nished and lightweight make-up for summers. She adds, ” “Anything glossy, shimmery or oil based will always make the make-up smudge quickly. Stick to matte fi nished and lightweight makeup that is not oil or emollient based. If you can, try to do without foundation during summer, and stick to only a concealer to conceal minor fi aws. Instead of using moisturizer, opt for a serum as it has a lighter texture and does not have oil.

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