Emotional Problems

The points we have made regarding our every-day problems of life apply with equal force to our emotions. Tension, fear, greed, hatred, jealousy, resentment, insecurity, gnaw into our vitals and destroy our heart as well as the rest of our body. Composure and self-control, on the other hand, keep us free from these harmful emotions, and protect us against their deleterious effects.

Emotional imbalance and instability are really signs of immaturity, and harm the individual who gives way to them. Life cannot be fashioned in patterns of our own choosing, and when adversities arise we must make sure that we are mentally and physically equipped to cope with them.

Calmness, composure, patience, and understahding are traits that are easily developed by the healthy person; these qualities enable us to cope with our difficulties and help to make life a joy instead of a torment. Some persons are more sensitive than others and react more keenly to their surroundings or their problems, but this need not create unhappiness. As a matter of fact, this type of temperament can actually enrich life, provided we understand how to direct our emotions into the proper channels. Persons with this type of temperament possess a much greater appreciation for the things that make life more beautiful, such as the arts, literature, music, and have a great capacity for love, compassion, and understanding. It is only when these sensitive qualities are misdirected or uncontrolled that they give rise to suffering.

If you are one of those sensitive individuals, what a world of beauty and warmth can open up for you, provided you learn how to readjust your outlook and how to handle your problems intelligently. This may not always be easy, but many compensations will come your way, once you achieve it. Beauty, love, kindness, understanding, joy, compassion, are some of the great qualities within your reach, and are the attributes conducive to tranquility.

An easy way to make this adjustment is to choose a favorable time of the day when you withdraw to a quiet room, and while relaxing in a comfortable chair or in a reclining position, retrace all your actions and thoughts of the day, freely recognising your shortcomings, and picturing how you would handle similar situations or problems in the future. After having done this, continue in your calm and relaxed position, picturing yourself as the person you would like to be, with the strength that you wish to possess, and the weaknesses that you are determined to overcome. In other words, visualise the person you wish to be, and keep on visualising it daily until it becomes a part of you.

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