Epic Fall, Ripped Dress, and More Inside Mercedes ‘MJ’ Javid’s Wedding Disaster!

It is happening I am doing it another one bites the dust. I am getting married hi guys casing that in here with MJ from Shahs of Sunset hello, I love you guys I love you you having you the last time I saw you you are engaged, and now you are unmarried woman it actually did it you did it you’re glowing you look incredible tell you how was it. Yeah I really do feel like. I am glowing like I Love New York, and I know that even everything I want to say sounds. So corny. But yes tell me everything about the wedding how was it I planned it in about a month I know that sounds crazy. But what happened was we picked a Saturday night in LA which they say is impossible. Because a lot of people will get married on a Thursday or Tuesday. Yeah like no no no are you doing. I will put my foot down on, it’s got to be a Saturday night, and Tommy put his foot down on wanting this like super bougie hotel. So everything ran smoothly like. I did fall for example okay that’s not perfect happened that was like a mermaid cut. So the designer had not given the space for me to move like it was like having like a tight rubber band around. So that wasn’t fun that’s absolutely hilarious I don’t know. So in the Persian culture there’s a little bench, and we sit at the bench, and then you know while. I was trying to get up I just boom like it just fell. Because I didn’t have room to the designer ever since that day. But did you prepare the dress pose of the dress fine or did it right I had to wear a different something else for the reception oh my goodness I know, it’s okay though it all worked out easy for you to say it wasn’t your wedding no. I know that’s really not fine did the cameras capture that what are we gonna see the horse okay good good Bravo never disappoint has LuAnn or Dorinda ever been of course falling in the bushes, and Bravo just cutting room floors that. Yeah absolutely not oh god this makes me even more excited for the season all right. So tell us about the bachelorette party. Because they know we’re gonna be seeing at this season it looks crazy oh did it take years off your life I think I was like taking clothes off, and then I think I know your booty a few times. I think we were asked to leave like please tell her to put her clothes back on, and get out that’s amazing thank you. So much for stopping thank you, and we can’t wait to read then you see them me too guys if you want to learn more about MJ head on over to my blog calm.

Epic Fall, Ripped Dress, and More Inside Mercedes ‘MJ’ Javid’s Wedding Disaster! Photo Gallery

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