Erin Lim Sounds Off On Celebrity Street Style

Hi guys Casey Matt in here, and join with me today is enews host of the rundown Aaron Lim hello hey are you ready to play a fun game of street style you won’t believe me when I say this. But I look at this photo all the time I love this outfit on Kenny this first of all motivates me to get that stomach, and those arms also I have since seeing this photo cut up all of my tank top. So I can look like that, and I’m saving up all my money. So I could buy those boots. So I’m here for this look what about Victoria Beckham is this like a Lululemon sweater turned into a Versace dress, it’s like athleisure no no this is not even athleisure this is athletic chic as like is she going to the gym or is she going to a very important meeting she takes like a runway to the street. Yeah this is this is a athletic sheekha’s. Yeah what about our favorite Melania Trump this is look at me sneaking out on Easter day outfit she’s literally leaving the Easter celebration at the White House, and she’s like I’m gonna go meet up with side bay, and hopefully no one sees me when I wear these glasses. But we all know that’s a Melania or is it your body double cuz you have one without that’s China I’m taking donations. So blac Chyna can award the rest of our clothes there’s too many holes, and not enough skirt, and the boots don’t have toes. Yeah all right what about just coming out after having a baby walks out of the hospital looking like this I don’t know anyone who can walk out of the hospital like seven hours later, and look like that you can smile, and genuinely look happy to see the public we’d like to know who her glam squad is like. Yeah honestly I think she’s just that beautiful without any makeup. Yeah she just she literally was like guys let me just let me do it let me go give me the baby all right we’re going, and last we got Chrissy Teigen before she had her baby she was rocking the baby bump like stat she is bumping in the best way whoever’s putting these things on her great fashion decisions like the shoes are cute the dress is great she still looks sexy even though she’s like that I literally like huge human in there. Yeah I think there’s job well done Chrissy Chrissy I applaud you, and your maternity staff thank you Eric for fashion, and stuff thank you thank you. So much you.

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