The skin around our eyes has a tendency to get fine lines and wrinkles because there are no oil glands in the skin directly beneath and above the eyes. You should always use a cream designed just for that area, to keep skin moisturized. Put four drops of cream under each eye from below the pupil to the outer corner at the crow’s-feet and pat into place.


Chiefy gave him two weeks internment as duty cadet plus a week’s toilet cleaning. I thought: ‘Not bad for attempted murder.’ Bell apologised to me abjectly, which I accepted, but it didn’t stop him walking around looking as if his world had collapsed. I made no mention of the incident in my weekly telephone call home: slashed in a drunken knife fight in the hostel? I was supposed to be training to be an officer and gentleman. My mother would have had a seizure. As the term went on, I developed another group of friends and pulled away from the room-six crowd. None of this second group lived in Queen Anne Terrace: they were split between the other hostels. John was one of life’s charmers: he charmed me, he charmed the other cadets, he charmed every girl he met. John was from Watford. John was also tough, street-wise and handsome.

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