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Hi guys I’m coming to with a very very easy everyday look that can be done on pretty much anyone with medium length hair and longer this is the look right here and if you like it and want to know how to recreate it stay tuned and I’ll show you exactly what you need to do okay.

So the tools we’ll need for this look are very simple and basic. So again it’s going to be a brush to comb through the hair we’re gonna need some small elastic bands that match your hair color we’re gonna need some bobby pins and then these clips that, I showed you guys in a few my tutorials they’re great for curling hair and keeping the curls in place, I got it at my local beauty supply store and then I’m also going to curl the hair using the cortex four-in-one curler and this one is the thickest barrel, I think it’s one and a half inch and that’s about it. So the first thing you want to do is curl the hair and I’m actually going to just link you to a post.

I’ve done before it’s the easy curls, I think it’s called easy holiday curls like they basically where you divide the entire head of hair into six sections curl each section and then just toss lit and you get these really pretty loose waves. So I’m going to just do that right now and come back when, I when my hair is curled and I’m also going to link you to that post if you haven’t seen it. So you can check out and see exactly how to do that okay.

So once the hair has been curled the next step is to just create three braids. So the first one is going to fill on this side and what you want to do is just grab a section of hair I’m about medium size or. So and you just want to create a regular braid.

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So really really simple the only thing about the braid is you want to make sure it’s sort of going backwards as opposed to just braiding it down. So what I’m going to do is separate it into three strands and just create a regular braid going all the way down and then secure it with an elastic band okay once you have the braid braided in and secured you want to start to tug at the braid to make it a little bit more messy and a little bit more, I just created more of a thicker braid. So what you want to do is just start to slowly pull on the braid from all of the promote from both sides and just until you’re happy with how it looks and I’ll be back once this is done.

So as you can tell all I’m doing is I’m just pulling smaller pieces from each of the from both sides of the braid and this just creates a very different kind of thicker Messier braid and you just want to go all the way to the bottom just like that and you want to leave that alone and go on to the next side. So for now leave it alone and now we’re gonna do the same thing on this side but we’re actually going to do two braids but it’s gonna go as opposed to going down it’s gonna go to the side. So I’m gonna separate the hair into three strands just like you would with a regular braid and just braid to the bottom secure with an elastic band and then create this sort of effect.

So once the second braid is done over on this side you want to create exactly the same thing just below and you want to leave a bit of hair over the ear or you can just do it like that if you prefer, I just like to leave a little hair and you want to pick up again a section of hair similar to this and do exactly the same thing. So we’re going to just separate into three strands braid going back and then create this sort of messy look and it’ll be back when that’s done. So now that all three braids are finished what I’m going to do is turn around.

So you can actually see what I’m doing and all you’re really gonna do is attach them to the head what you want to do at this point is just bring all of the braids to the back you want just flatten them against your head and grab the other one and what you want to do is actually sort of twist them together just make sure that all the hair is there and you want to just twist them together around each other just sort of randomly and once you do that and you just twist them around when you grab some bobby pins just start to attach it to the head point from the bottom. So once you’re done there in the back the look is done. So, I really hope you guys enjoyed this very simple everyday look and definitely give it a try it’s a perfect look for when you want to get that here away from your face but still look cute.

So if you guys enjoyed this tutorial and have a great day and I’ll see in the next post bye.

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