Everyday Hair Bun to Elegant Prom Updo Hairstyle

Hey guys, I’m going to show you how to use a few hair accessories to go from this ordinary hair bun to this elegant updo that’s perfect for prom. So let’s begin if your hair is straight and flat like mine add some texture and volume to it first.

Everyday Hair Bun to Elegant Prom Updo Hairstyle Photo Gallery

So here. I’m just curling the top layer of my hair with my Conner you curl and you don’t have to worry about the rest of your hair. Because it’s going to go up in a bun later pick up a section of hair at the top of your head and divide it into two equal strands. So now this is what you do twist the two strands together pick up some hair add it to the right strand and then twist pick up some hair add it to the right strand and twist pick up some hair add it to the right strand and twist. So basically you want to repeat the exact same steps until you reach the area below your ear when you go past your ears and the twist with the rope braid to do this take the right strand place it over the left and twist it towards the right then take the right strand again place it over the left and twist it towards the right doing this will prevent your twist from coming undone gather your hair to one side and tie it into a low ponytail divide your ponytail into three equal sections and do a regular three strand braid when you reach the end tie it off with an elastic band then you want to roll up your braid and form a hair bun when your hair is all up grab a few bobby pins and secure the bun in place continue to insert bobby pins until your bun can hold up on its own for extra security take a hair tie and place it over the bun take your rope braid wrap it around the bun to hide the hair tie then pin it at the back with a bobby pin to accessorize this hairstyle.

I’m going to use my flower bendini. And I’m going to bend and snap it in place here’s the finished look this hairstyle is perfect for the daytime. Because it looks nice and effortless now to quickly change this hairstyle into an evening look. I’m going to use my skully twisters and this is basically a hair tie surrounded with faux hair now. I’m going to stretch the hair tie place it over my hair bun and as you can see this changes the look of my hairstyle in a blink of the eye choose another hair accessory and then all you have to do is bend and snap it in place, if you want to go ahead and fix your hair with a few more bobby pins. So here’s the finished look using my curly twisters by spencie and this is actually a fun accessory, if you want to change up your look without spending too much time on it you can also change the look of this hairstyle by changing up your veins this hairstyle looks great without fangs you’ve already seen the with my side swept bangs. But now I feel like trying something a little bit more different clip-on fold bangs are fun, if you want to change up the look of your bangs without that long-term commitment here’s the third and final look using clip-on bang let me know what you guys think yea or nay and now it’s giveaway time one of my lucky viewers will get to win everything I used in this post and more. So here’s what you’ll get the curly twisters in brunette the blonde version in Casey are blondes too scum see full hair bangs one blonde and one brunette the Conor you curl with the extra-large one the Conor carbon smooth thermal round brush I have one too this is great for those who have layered hair.

Because it curbs flyaways and adds shine you’ll also receive the scum sea pony Taylor’s which can be worn as hair ties or bracelets and finally you’ll receive the skunk sea hair chop kit most of these products can be found at Walgreens Walmart’s and CVS. But, if you would like to enter the giveaway then please read the rules in the post description down below good luck and thanks so much for reading bye comment to my blog to be notified of new posts and feel free to check out my other hair tutorials you.

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