Everyday Ponytail for School or Work Hairstyles

Hi how are you doing it’s mini here today. So today I’ll show you one of my favorite go-to hairstyle which was sort of an everyday ponytail with a twisted little detail in the back and that was my favorite go-to look because it was. So easy just took a few minutes in the morning and any time, I went to school or work people would give me tons of compliments and be like, I can’t believe you spent hours doing your hair and I’m like this really doesn’t take hours it takes like a minute.

So I’ll show you how to do it you don’t really need a lot of things. So let’s just get to it. So for this hairstyle you’re only gonna need a brush a hair tie and we’re just gonna need some bobby pins that’s pretty much all.

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So the first thing you’re gonna do is just brush the hair once that you brush the hair you’re just going to make a regular ponytail and it’s gonna be somewhere in the middle. So just a regular ponytail that’s not too high not too low and then just secure it with an elastic once you’ve made the ponytail you’re just going to grab one section, I guess just grab the longest section. So you have the longer sort of section to twist around the base and what are you going to do to sort of start at the base and just start twisting it right here at the base and as you’re twisting it you’re wrapping it around the base.

So you’re going to twist it under the ponytail and continue twisting it around the base and again under and then over. So once you’ve twisted that section you just want to grab the ends and just it’s going to be in the back you’re going to take your bobby pin and you’re just going to secure the bobby pin of the ends with a bobby pin and, I would just use two just to make sure it’s nice and secure there now once you’ve pinned the section you’re pretty much done and this is what you’re gonna have it’s just really simple it takes a minute to do and it just makes such a huge difference just to you know spice up your regular ponytail, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial definitely give it a try let me know how it works out in the bottom section have a wonderful day and I’ll see you guys in the next tutorial bye.

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