Everything We Know So Far About Kailyn Lowry’s New Hair Care Line

I’ve been through hair makeup you’re going back to the hotel to get dressed Kaelyn Lowry is proving she is more than just to stay at home mom the Teen Mom 2 star has an exciting new business venture, and fans are freaking out while Bethany Frankel has skinny girl, and Nicole Snooki has sunglasses Kalyn Lowry will be tackling her own haircare line when a fan asked via Instagram what the line would consist of she replied oil leave-in conditioner, and even volumizing dry shampoo, and not only that Kalyn is getting her fans involved asking their advice on product preferences, and how things should be packaged for more on Kalyn, and all things Teen Mom keep it here at ok magazine.com.

Find Out How Jenifer Lewis Prepped Shangela For Her ‘A Star Is Born’ Audition

How did the audition go well nervous or did you have a lot of you know pride, and encouragement. Because LG asked for you well to prepare for the audition cuz you know I’ve been working as an actor, and I always wanted like go in there, and give my best I asked Jennifer Lewis who you know I live in her bed listen to me you know run over my audition, and I had to sing the song I want to be loved by you okay and. So I came up, and I loved a little of the lines, and she stopped me midsummer fluid black. Yeah she says to me um baby now you know I’m Jennifer Lewis, and my time is valuable, and you are wasting my time when Lady Gaga herself the Gaga the Gaga when the Gaga asked for you to come in for some you don’t have step you full step. So she sent me back to my room to work on it a little more, and that you know it just gave me even more fire like okay everyone’s counting on me for this I really want to step up right.

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