Exclusive 2018 Billboard Music Awards Fashion

What’s up guys I’m Casey Madden I’m here with Joe dry. So good, and we just wrapped the 2018 Billboard Music Awards we saw some pretty iconic fashion pieces tonight. So we’re gonna give you guys a quick rundown okay. So first up we have the host of the night Kelly Clarkson within a gorgeous black gorgeous I love that. Yeah okay or not okay I definitely think, it’s okay. I mean black is the color of the night are we right I’m a little biased. Because we kind of have similar night baby looks like 90s 80s prom a little shoulder action she looks fabulous I think she really looked like the star of the night. I think we’re giving it okay. Yeah okay Kelly okay. So now we got JLo who’s hotter than JLo I love it what we saw her last night she killed it in Vegas. But I’m loving this like leather burgundy thing like she showed up in a pretty daring color, it’s summer. But, it’s like this deep like I liked it I wasn’t crazy about it I’ve seen JLo, and some amazing pieces. Yeah she’s been killing it lately Met Gala was nice I’m giving it an okay I’m not thinking, it’s one of her best looks I didn’t think it hugged her curves in the right way she has an amazing body I didn’t really like the bra out I think I could have done a little better JLo I’m sorry yikes Casey okay. So now we got Ke$ha Ke$ha she did the Western inspired gal, I loved it it was very her. Yeah i mother earth, and I actually have a really fun story I told piece of this earlier last night at the roulette table I ran into Ke$ha, and got a selfie she was the nicest. Yeah I wouldn’t normally say that this was not okay. But. Because she was. So nice I have to give it an okay. Yeah she rocked the cowboy look from head to toe she had the hat, and she had the cowgirl boots. So Ke$ha you’re the only one can get away with that outfit absolutely totally okay. Yeah okay all right Casey who’s next Demi Lovato. I’m such a fan of Damien about it now she crushed it last night with Christina Aguilera in the performance her voice is incredible. But this I’m gonna have to do not okay what do you think. Yeah it was just too busy there’s too much going on she doesn’t need that. Yeah not a fan simple is better. Yeah it seemed like a kaftan like a real housewife where they did not seem for the billboards okay. So Demi this is not okay my favorite of the night was Julie last. But certainly not least doing that purple shiny that plunging neckline giving. You JLo vibe was nailing it the hair look back hair I love the diamond necklace the black shoes she crushed it she walked down this carpet every single person who’s turning. Yes that is how you show up to the Billboard Music Awards ladies really. But, it’s a okay. Yeah definitely okay, and that’s a wrap for us here in Las Vegas at the Billboard Music Award therefore more red carpet coverage keep it right here at my blog calm you.

Exclusive 2018 Billboard Music Awards Fashion Photo Gallery

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