Exclusive Jesse McCartney Talks New Music at BBMAs

Obviously you are back in the music industry after four years what made you come back well I mean I love music, and I that’s what I do I took some time off just to sort of explore other creative avenues, and travel do a lot of acting as well. But you know I think anyone who does music eventually like it pulls you back in, and I got to a point where I just needed to sort of get back in, and start writing again.

So that happened about a year ago, and I released a song two months ago, it’s doing incredibly well we’re about to tour this summer we’re kicking off a tour in Atlanta starting this summer called it better with you tour, and it’s almost sold out actually. So, it’s it’s been an incredible year already for music, and there’s gonna be more to come we’re making a strong comeback. So obviously better with you has to be about someone who are you talking about know where she is she’s here somewhere she’s here somewhere I’ve been with the same girl for like five, and a half years now.

So she’s definitely had a big big you know big to do with that song, and what makes a beautiful soul what makes a beautiful song I don’t know you know someone who is just real, and is themselves I guess, and it doesn’t really give a about what other people think, and if you were to win a Billboard Music Awards how would you celebrate I would pop some champagne, and you’d be invited I’m flattered I’m going to the after-party.

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