Exclusive Luis Fonsi Talks Collaborating With Justin Bieber & Demi Lovato

So you also obviously collaborated with Justin Bieber on death besito the greatest song of all time how is it working with him amazing you know amazing the song was originally done with daddy yankee you know that was the original version, and then four months after we released it you know Justin Bieber calls that he wanted to do a remix of it. So unfortunately I wasn’t in the studio with him.

Because I was in Europe. But he just did it like literally we sent him to session that night he recorded it in two days later we released it, and it just it was like a new beginning for the song. So I was exciting I got to perform it with him, and he did a great job to give him any little Spanish lessons you know again I wasn’t there. So I think there was somebody coaching him. Because , it’s not an easy song to sing. But his Spanish was good we collaborated with one of the biggest artists who’s next on your list well you know. But I’ve been able to collaborate with great you know my current singles with Demi Lovato.

So that was fun in the beginning of my career sang with Christina Aguilera I’ve worked with just amazing people I just you know I don’t know I would love to work with like a Rihanna maybe one day that’d be pretty cool I see it happening, and how is it working with I don’t. But I could probably figure it out right okay let’s do it obviously your voice is amazing. But your moves are just phenomenal oh my gosh yes is there anything you could do a tip you could give us out there to just master that Latin groove a little bit um try not to move your upper body.

So much, it’s more about the hips that’s what I tell people when it comes to Latin music a lot of people like to do this. But, it’s not here, it’s all here, it’s like. So the upper body just kind of just has to stay, and ex wag it out, and then just shake your butt from side to side that’s it you know you don’t you have to do a lot as long as you just do this, and you just like believe in yourself that’s it you’re done well thank you. So much for the tips I will be swaying at you all night congratulations again, and best of luck thank you. So much happier.

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