Exercise After Pregnancy To Reduce Stomach

Fluid Stations

a. At the start and finish areas provide L – oz of fluid per runner. At each fluid station on the race course – km apart, provide L oz of fluid per runner. Provide both water and a carbohydrate-electrolyte beverage in equal volumes.

b. In cool or cold weather [C F], an equivalent amount of warm fluid should be available.

c. Number of cups L, oz per fluid station on the course number of entrants additional for spillage and double use. Double this total if the course is out and back.

d. Number of cups at start and finish area number of entrants additional.

e. Cups should be filled prior to the race and placed on tables to allow easy access. Runners drink larger volumes if volunteers hand them cups filled with fluid.

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a. Provide two-way radio or telephone communication between the medical director, medical aid stations, mobile vans, and pick-up vehicles.

b. Arrange for radio-equipped vehicles to drive the race course ahead and behind participants and provide communication with the director and his/her staff. These vehicles should be stationed at regular intervals along the course to search the course for competitors who require emergency care and encourage compromised runners to stop.

c. Place radio-equipped observers along the course.

d. Notify local hospitals, police, and fire-rescue departments of the time of the event, number of participants, location of aid stations, extent of medical coverage, and the race course.

e. Use the emergency response system telephone number in urban areas.

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