Exercise Routine While Pregnant

4 Post-event strategies to improve your performance

Now here is Workout and Fitness guidance on what you can do afer you have completed your performance, training or competition to help you continue to improve.

1. Some coaches and sports psychologists will take videos of their players in competition, cut out all the mistakes and have the players watch the edited videos that show only their successes.

You can do the same thing at your level. In fact, you can do even better: “Cancel-cancel” mistakes and imagine yourself having performed correctly. Combine these revised performances along with your successful actions, and you will have a fabulous “mental movie” that you can review again and again.

2. Remember to review every great play that you made, every success that you had and especially recall the feeling that you had at the time.

Did you have a special state of mind were you “in the zone”?

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How did your body feel? Balanced? Strong? Agile?

What was your emotional state? Relaxed? Exhilarated?

Recall these feelings, at your level, and incorporate them into your future programming to help you to be just as successful again and even more successful in the future.

3. Use Mental Housecleaning. Sometimes people get down on you when you make a mistake that causes you to lose. They have a right to be disappointed. And you must be gracious to them, even though they are saying things that may hurt you.

However, without their even knowing it, you can use Mental Housecleaning to help yourself:

When they mention what you did, you can say, “Yes, and I should have…” and describe the positive image that you have in mind. Or you could say, “But remember when I did…” and mention a success that you had. Or perhaps, “Well, next time I will…” and get them thinking about positive events in the future.

If they continue to be negative, then excuse yourself and leave at the earliest opportunity, go to level and recall your successes.

4. Remember that every experience is a learning experience. Remember that Babe Ruth struck out almost twice as many times as he hit home runs, and he is still considered the Home Run King. Remember that the only people who don’t make mistakes are the people who never attempt anything.

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