Exercise Tips For Weight Loss

Exercise Tips For Weight Loss

The immune system for exercises full workout constantly on the alert for any invading germs, bacteria, viruses and infections. The first line of defence are the white cells of the blood, also known as phagocytes, which multiply rapidly to destroy the infection, bacteria or virus. The second line of defence comes from the lymphatic system which produces lymphocyte cells. These produce antibodies that attempt to prevent bacteria and viruses from reproducing. The phagocytes ingest the captured bacteria and dispose of them The spleen plays a major role: it produces antibodies, lymphocytes and destroys worn-out blood cells. The most common ways for bacteria and viruses to enter the body are through diet, water and inhaled air. The lymphatic system consists of a wide ranging network of lymph nodes in the neck, groin, armpits, digestive system and also within the spleen. The lymph nodes are like filters, collecting infections which the white cells and antibodies destroy.


Iron strengthens the immune system by replacing worn-out blood cells in combination with copper and the mineral manganese.

Potassium assists the kidneys to remove fluid waste and infections. Calcium increases the body’s ability to fight infections.

Chlorine removes toxic waste.


Vitamin A promotes the immune system’s ability to fight infections and increases resistance to toxins.

Sulphur prevents infections.

Vitamin C protects against toxins and infections by increasing the supply of white blood cells. Vitamin P activates vitamin C.

Vitamin D activates all nutrients.

Vitamins B5 andB6 assist in the production of antibodies.

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