Exercise When Trying To Get Pregnant

Enter your level and analyze how you performed, and determine whether you might have performed better if your preparation had been different.

Did you over-train or under-train previously, and thus hurt your performance?

Were there certain things that you neglected to do?

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Or things you did that were unnecessary?

Use this information to help you improve your training and practice sessions.

9. Your body heals faster at alpha. Spending 15 minutes at alpha strengthens your immune mechanism.

Whenever you have worked hard and especially if you have sustained any injuries, enter alpha for 15 minutes and imagine yourself overcoming the strain and injuries (if you have any) and regaining perfect health.

There is more information on injury recovery and health maintenance in Exercise 19.

10. Give your body enough time to recover from the extra load you have placed on it, but do not use this as an excuse to be lazy and take too much time off.

At your level, analyze the situation and determine what is best for your body at this time. Consult with your Mental Coach.

Remember, the alpha level is the best level for making decisions. Then act on those decisions, and let the results that you get guide you in your future programming.

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