Exercise While Pregnant First Trimester

An even more powerful tool

Habits start as cobwebs and become cables, according to a Spanish proverb. They are hard to break. This can be bad news or good news, depending on what your habits are.

If your habits include drinking, smoking, doing drugs and ducking work, they will hurt you. But if they are good habits, you can win championships, earn fame and fortune and have all of the good things you want in life.

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Author Ed Bernd Jr. says he had both kinds of habits. Fortunately, he survived the bad ones. Now he programs himself to have good habits that help him reach his goals. You can use this same tool. Here’s what he learned after making a lot of mistakes, then studying with Workout and Fitness.

The anatomy of a habit What are habits?

Habits are simply repeated patterns of behavior that are easier for you to continue than to change. In other words, once you get used to doing something, any effort to change and do something else is very threatening. If you are accustomed to losing, the prospect of winning can be very threatening – so threatening that you find a way to lose.

The good news is that once you understand this, you can turn fear into victory by using the extra energy that is generated to your advantage.

Let’s discuss how this works. Habits are powerful because they build on a natural human trait: our fear of the unknown. Apprehension is triggered anytime we encounter something new. This apprehension creates energy that you can use to help you achieve your goals or it can become a fear that makes you want to crawl in a hole and hide. The choice is yours. You can use this energy any way you desire.

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