Exercise While Pregnant With Twins

Richard D. Grater of St. Louis, Mo., is the first person older than 35 to earn a black belt in the karate studio where he trains.

“For several years, the Exercise Method has been very successful for me in programming for physical results,” he said. “This year, after training for seven and a half years, I passed my black belt karate test at Tracy’s Karate in St. Louis. It was the first time anyone over 35 had achieved a black belt in any of their local studios. My age was 57 at the time.”

Grater used the Exercise visualization and Three Fingers workout and fitness techniques in order to overcome physical exhaustion. Even though the black belt test took three and a half hours, Grater felt that his five years of having used the Exercise Method (ever since his third brown belt test) made the test less difficult. “Prior to using Exercise, I had a very difficult time with the physical requirements at the lower (elementary) levels. After applying the information from the Exercise basic course, I was able to breeze through these lower levels easily and do well on the advanced belts.

“In addition, I programmed for the Senior Olympics in St. Louis and won men’s volleyball for three years, plus I won the running long jump this year.

“In the National Senior Olympics, also held in St. Louis, I made the mistake of programming for third in the running long jump. Guess what I placed? Third! To keep from getting second I had a foul on my best jump. If I had programmed to do my best I would have had at least second. Next year I will be first in this event.”

LPGA golf pro programs for fun and success

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Sherry Dircks, the head professional at a private country club near Phoenix, AZ, uses visualization and the Three Fingers Workout and Fitness workout and fitness technique to help her have fun – and win – on the golf course.

Sherry is a member of the Ladies Professional Golfers Association (LPGA) Teaching and Club Professionals Division. She took the Exercise course in 1988. “I preprogram myself before a round,” she said. “Before I leave the house, I enter my level and visualize the round I want to have. I program myself to have fun and to be relaxed.

“Then when I am actually on the course, playing the round, I use my Three Fingers Workout and Fitness workout and fitness technique to help me achieve what I programmed for. I put my three fingers together to help me relax. When I put the ball on the tee, I put my three fingers together to help me visualize where I want the ball to go.

“Two years ago I began using a new workout and fitness technique,” she said. “When I am lining up a putt, I imagine a big catcher’s mitt behind the hole. I imagine that the ball hits it and falls in the cup. And it works.”

Dircks teaches her students to focus on the target – where they want the ball to go – instead of focusing on the ball. “When you focus on the ball, you tend to chop down on it,” she said.

“Of course, you have to look at the ball, but if you focus on the target the green – then it is easier to hit the ball towards the target. That’s what the really good players do. Instead of focusing on the ball, they focus on their swing, where the clubhead goes.”

She explained, “When you are not focusing your eyes, you can be at the alpha level and you can visualize what you want to achieve. I’m sure that this is what the great golfers do.

“This is true in other sports as well,” she pointed out. “When you first learn to shoot a basketball, for instance, you concentrate on the ball: how to hold it, the movement of your arms and wrists. After you have mastered the movements, then you learn to focus on the basket.

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