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Summarizing Nutrition Assessment

The nutrition assessment is like a puzzle, the more pieces that are available the more complete is the picture of the athlete and their needs. There are instances where not all elements of the assessment are available, such as biochemical data. Sometimes the desirable form of assessment is not accessible, such as measuring body composition with skinfold measurements versus using a DXA. Practitioners must decide what is appropriate to assess and with what methods given available resources. However, of the information that is gathered, there should be awareness of the limitations of each form of assessment so that there is no undue emphasis placed on individual pieces of information. The most effective dietary recommendations will be derived from a comprehensive assessment of all available information and will evolve according to the needs of the athlete.

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Periodization the systematic planning of physical training; this involves dividing up the training program into specific phases that each have their own training goals.

Macrocycle typically a year-long training program with the aim of the athlete “peaking” at the time of major competition. This may include the preparation phase, which comprises the bulk of the training volume; the competition phase; and the transition phase, or the off-season period.

Mesocycle a defined training period, anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks, within a macrocycle that has specific training adaptations that fit within the overall training plan. The Mesocycle can be used to time training volume and intensity to allow the athlete to peak at competition.

Microcycle characterizes the training program within a short period, typically a week, and includes the number of workouts within this time frame. This may include light days and hard days and has the aim of realizing acute adaptations to training goals. The microcycle goals depend upon where the athlete is within the macrocycle.

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