That exercising outside is good for your body


You already know that exercising outside is good for your body, but why is there such a buzz around biking? Traditionally a maledominated sport, cycling is increasingly popular among women. Etape Caledonia, an 81-mile cycling event (, has noticed a flurry of female participants, with entries from women increasing each year for the past five years. We caught up with cycling pro, Mark Beaumont, to hone in on the best bits about biking.

GO EXPLORING: Covering more miles per hour than running, cycling allows you to explore the roads far quicker than you could on foot.

GET FITTER: Cycling boosts cardio fitness but, at the same time, builds explosive strength and power through changing the gears from high to low.

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JOIN OTHERS: As a low-impact sport, cycling appeals to plenty of people. It’s an activity the whole family can enjoy and is as accessible to a seven-year-old looking to go on a cycle ride, as it is to a seventy-year-old looking to keep fit.

CHAT AND TRAVEL: You can chat and travel while riding a bike – not so easy to do when you’re running. Few sports bring friends and family together like cycling, and some of the best conversations happen on two wheels!

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