Extreme Beauty Measures

Covering Scars: I love scars. I think they communicate a strong character. If, however, you choose to try to cover a facial scar, know from the onset that it is almost impossible to cover it 100 percent. You can make it much less obvious with makeup and also by playing up lips or eyes or cheeks.

Use your normal concealer or creamy foundation. Or for more serious, longer-lasting coverage, buy a heavy-duty concealer. Lydia O’Leary and CoverMark are two good lines that are sold at department stores.

Keloid (or Raised) Scar: The center of a scar is typically lighter or pinker than the rest of skin. Use concealer that matches your skin tone to darken center area. If coverage is not adequate, try a slightly darker shade of concealer. Seal with powder in shade matching skin tone.

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