Extremely black under-eye circles

Solution: Pay particular attention to concealer application. Do two coats of concealer, then lock it on with pale yellow powder. To help keep undereye area open and bright, do not wear mascara on lower lashes and do not line your eyes. Choose warm, flattering, and soft colors for blush and lips: a soft pink blush, for example, and a soft brown-pink lipstick. This would be a good day to wear gloss over lipstick to reflect light and draw attention away from eyes.

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Which can be a problem Like learning about the donut hole and what it is, open enrollment, Medicare Advantage, plus so much more. Shoot, I barely knew what AARP was, but within moments of my fiftieth birthday AARP was on my case. Now, I am a member. And that is only because they have been relentless in sending me stuff. And most of the time, they are simply trying to sell me something. Actually, I am surprised there wasn’t a courier at the front door at one minute after midnight on that birthday. I suspect, too, I am not the only one they found who resents their constant nagging. Also, I knew this was bound to happen. And, I also resented it as well my first unsolicited senior citizen discount provided by a teenage cashier in a fast food joint. Yes, I was insulted, until I realized it was a discount and then realized that there are a lot of them out there.

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